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Turbinas de energía verde

Science helps us build a sustainable world

We allocate funds to the creation of technologically innovative projects that promote social welfare.

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We work to develop innovative solutions that create value.

Our purpose in existence

ETC seeks to create creative, sustainable products and systems that benefit society.Our objective is to create technologies that have a significant impact on many different fields, both public and commercial, but particularly on animal and human health.

We allocate our own resources to R+D in sustainability and advanced materials

The European Technological Consortium invests in both new and ongoing technological development in addition to its primary goal of promoting currently existing technologies. Our funding is primarily focused on the creation of novel, scaleable materials and useful systems.

Technology and resources are invested in spinoffs and joint ventures with private businesses.

Our best method for transferring knowledge is to collaborate with strategic partners, who enable us to fund the commercialization of our technologies and provide ongoing, direct support for the joint venture. This encourages both our partners and us to monetize technology and create value while advancing society. Our motto is unambiguous: commercialization, sure, but value addition.

Desarrollo de brazos robóticos

We are committed to achieving joint goals.

The European Technological Consortium is steadfastly committed to fostering the disruptive entry of novel technologies onto the market by fostering hybrid innovation ecosystems composed of both public and private enterprises. ETC encourages the creation of alliances devoted to resolving issues that have an effect on the environment or people's health. In order to examine and come up with feasible solutions, we look at huge organizations and the technology limits they face.

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Our areas of expertise

We actively develop solutions for numerous sectors that have a direct impact on human health and global wildlife.


Aviation Materials and Systems


Water treatment systems


Indoor air treatment systems


Solutions for the energy industry


Solutions for the chemical sector

Invested companies

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